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Talent Development

Talent Development has never been more critical to organizational success. Whether you’re identifying leaders, closing a talent gap, or preparing for workforce change, you need a talent development system that makes coaching, learning, and knowledge sharing continuous. The PeopleFluent Talent Development ​​Mirror™ seamlessly ties all these critical functions together in an engaging, personalized ​experience for your people.
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Identify & Grow Potential

Identify high performers and costly skill gaps alike. Assess the potential of your workforce, optimize employee fit, and readily connect each individual to opportunities for learning and growth, including collaboration and mentorship.

TD - Image 2_Inspire High Performers and Future Leaders

Inspire High Performers & Future Leaders

Motivate, engage, and retain your workforce with strategic compensation and transparent, achievable career paths. Develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of your people through leadership development programs and both formal and informal learning.

TD - Image 3_Boost Knowledge and Idea Sharing

Boost Knowledge & Idea Sharing

Encourage your people to share ideas and build internal networks. Collaboration runs as a constant in the solution, with points for interaction, community building, and video throughout. Users can learn and connect with groups, mentorship, and more.

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Engage with the Mirror™ Experience

The Mirror experience provides a consistent, intuitive talent development system that is infused with collaborative video, embedded analytics and social exchange. This innovative technology is designed to dramatically increase engagement and productivity while enabling leaders and talent managers to make the most informed strategic decisions.


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