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Pay for Performance

Creating a true pay for performance culture is the key to aligning your people with corporate objectives, attracting and retaining top talent, and controlling your people costs. The PeopleFluent® Pay for Performance ​system helps you achieve meaningful business results by continually engaging your people and motivating them to improve their personal performance.

Simplify Best-Fit Processes

Minimize the time and effort required to manage your compensation cycles, performance review processes, and pay for performance plans. And, ensure that you recognize and retain the very best talent in the way that works best for your organization. Reward what matters by quickly and easily aligning your people with organizational goals and measurable results.


Discover Powerful Insights

Make critical business trends and realities more immediately actionable, and allow teams and managers to focus on strategic workforce planning and advancement decisions. PeopleFluent’s Pay for Performance system provides uniquely streamlined tools to explore the intersection of decision-making data from compensation, performance, and succession.


Explain Pay for Performance Plan Practices

Save valuable time and motivate your people by demystifying your performance and compensation practices and linking them with development opportunities. With the Mirror interface, you’ll have embedded video, collaboration tools, mentorship and more to engage people with the transparency and growth they want.

Compensation Mirror

Engage with the Mirror™ Experience

The Mirror experience provides a consistent, intuitive user interface that is infused with collaborative video, embedded analytics and contextualized social learning. This innovative technology is designed to dramatically increase engagement and productivity while enabling leaders and talent managers to make the most informed strategic decisions.


The New Era of Pay for Performance: 6 Keys to Success

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Getting Pay for Performance Right

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