Amplify Your Recruiting Experiences to ​Attract, Hire, and Onboard the Best Talent

Improve the speed and quality of your hiring process. ​PeopleFluent's cloud-based recruiting software, Recruiting Mirror™, engages candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and new hires with embedded video and consistent opportunities for social collaboration​.

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Personalized User Experiences

Amplify your talent acquisition strategy with personalized, mobile-optimized user experiences for recruiters and hiring managers that address day-to-day activities required to effectively perform the recruiting process.


Better Candidate Experience through Video

Candidates can easily record video questionnaire answers and “show” themselves to your organization with the built-in cameras found on nearly every laptop or mobile device today.


Embedded Video-Enabled Recruiting

An embedded video platform in PeopleFluent's recruiting software enables your talent acquisition teams to easily create and post media-rich questionnaires for screening, company overviews, employee stories, hiring manager introductions, and other videos for a more engaging career site.

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Social Collaboration for Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Social collaboration workspaces enable fast sharing of knowledge and information for recruiters and hiring managers regarding candidates, increasing productivity and speed of the candidate review process.


Configurable Workflows for Screening and Hiring

Configurable process workflows in PeopleFluent's recruiting software help recruiters and hiring managers choreograph the screening and hiring for your company’s unique needs.


Talent Pools for Faster Sourcing

Recruiters and hiring managers can create unlimited talent pools by tagging candidates with relevant key words based on skills and abilities specific to the jobs they are working on, and then quickly find these candidates when similar jobs come open.


Recruiting Case Studies

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Amplify Your Recruiting Experiences to Attract, Hire, and Onboard the Best Talent


Enhance Your Talent Acquisition Efforts

Give your talent acquisition team the recruiting power to handle complex, global talent acquisition activities. Improve the speed and quality of your recruiting process. Plus, elevate candidate, recruiter, and hiring manager experiences. PeopleFluent Recruiting software amplifies your total talent acquisition experience and delivers faster recruiting, better hires, greater retention and ultimately, an unfair advantage.

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Target the Best Talent with Flexible Sourcing

Leverage flexible sourcing options, including continuous, evergreen pools, post-and-fill, multi-seat requisitions and pools/slates, to find the best talent from any and all sources. The PeopleFluent Recruiting Mirror is highly configurable and flexible, helping your recruiters and hiring managers choreograph the sourcing, screening and hiring for your company’s unique needs. This can even include a total talent sourcing solution that unifies contingent sourcing and salaried recruiting workflows.


Screen More Effectively & Collaboratively

Give your team the necessary insight to make faster, more informed decisions and improve your quality of hire. With video capabilities including video questionnaires, the PeopleFluent Recruiting Mirror gives talented job seekers the platform they need to share personality, ideas, and fit earlier in the screening process. And, hiring teams can effectively collaborate to streamline and simplify the screening process.


Create Engaging Candidate Experiences

Easily create and distribute vibrant employment branding and job-description videos, all of which are more powerful in portraying your corporate culture than flat text descriptions on career sites. Plus, mobile-optimized responsive design ensures your career site content can be accessed easily and clearly from any mobile device. PeopleFluent offers the only embedded video platform fully integrated into its recruiting software, which enables you to easily create and distribute employment branding videos and video job postings.

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Greet New Employees with Social Onboarding

Welcome employees to your organization’s culture with video and real-time threaded communication streams in a talent-centric central workspace. Social onboarding includes video tutorials that can commence immediately after job acceptance, and guided workflows help expedite and confirm completion of all required forms, plus the creation of talent profiles and career paths. PeopleFluent’s social onboarding will accelerate a new hire’s time to productivity and increase engagement.


Discover Meaningful Talent Insights

Attracting and deploying great talent is a strategic challenge that goes far beyond managing resumes. You need the ability to analyze data to pinpoint top hire attributes and the indicators of immediate and long-term talent success within your organization. The PeopleFluent Recruiting Mirror delivers deep reporting and recruiting analytics to help you understand your internal and external talent supply, and develop efficiencies around time, cost, quality, sourcing and process.


Navigate Compliance & Diversity Complexity

The best talent outcomes for your organization can only be achieved through diversity and inclusion. But, complex regulatory changes and an increase in Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) audit frequency and intensity mean many organizations need assistance to ensure diversity programs and Affirmative Action plans are documented and compliant. The PeopleFluent Recruiting Mirror combined with the PeopleFluent Research Institute (PRI) ensures regulatory compliance (OFCCP / EEOC) and magnifies diversity impact.


Integrate Talent Acquisition Data

Your talent acquisition solutions are part of a broader business ecosystem. Optimize your talent investments by seamlessly connecting your data and systems, while maintaining the ability to adapt to changes in the business environment. PeopleFluent Colossus provides a complete HRIS data integration and unification service, relieving you of the customization and configuration challenges and costs associated with integrating HR and recruiting software, as well as data from outside sources like HRMS, ERP, payroll, and CRM.

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