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Analyze, Transform, and Take Action

Business leaders need on-demand access to workforce analytics ​to provide actionable information and insight. ​Beyond general, organization-wide data, you need a robust platform that ​can delve into specific facets of your talent organization and ​offer forward-reaching, meaningful analysis.  PeopleFluent® Analytics provides real-time data insights to drive transformational decisions.

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Data Rich Dashboards

Utilize the Mirror functionality to create personalized dashboards that reflect the metrics and data that are most valuable.

Analytics Dashboard

Shareable Metrics

Socialize metrics between managers, teams, and business units to formulate a well-aligned and effective talent strategy and communicate to everyone for maximum efficiency.

Manager Analytics Dashboard

Convenient Prepared & Flexible Reports

Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box pre-configured metrics, built to encompass a broad range of commonly-used HR measurements and easily adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Embedded Analytics

​Analytics Case Studies

Revolutionizing Information Exchange for Avaya

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Leading Financial Services Company Saves Time While Enabling Incentive and Merit Flexibility

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Analyze, Transform, and Take Action


Utilize Active Data

Data shown on dashboards should be a starting point for investigation and discovery. PeopleFluent’s active data allows you to convert the data-driven insights provided into meaningful business results.


Identify Trends & Patterns

Explore your talent related data more easily and spot important trends that enable more informed business decisions. PeopleFluent Analytics can also incorporate your talent and industry data to provide actionable predictive insights.


Navigate Data for Decision Making

Your data-driven decisions determine business outcomes. Master your business without having to master how your data is stored. Various data-driven paths can be modeled to help guide you toward the right talent decisions.

Compensation Mirror

Act on Data When You Need It

Don't wait to run a report to make an informed decision. Analytics should be available in the context that you need them. PeopleFluent’s user experience incorporates embedded analytics exactly at the point in a talent management workflow where you and your managers need to access them.

Analytics Resources

Gartner Critical Capabilities

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5 Recruiting Analytics that Take Talent Acquisition from Gut to Great

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