PeopleFluent for Retail

Retail organizations across the globe trust PeopleFluent® solutions and services to recruit, develop, engage, and inspire more than 1.75 million total employees. Designed from the ground up to efficiently manage high volume talent acquisition, and to develop, reward, and retain the very best talent, PeopleFluent builds the highly productive workforce that retail organizations need to provide the best possible customer experience.

Efficient High Volume Recruiting Across Retail Locations

Improve the quality and organizational fit of every hire, across all locations, while reducing time to fill and cost of hire with engaging video and role based collaboration. Allow recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates to reduce redundancies and communicate with each other in personalized, action-oriented ways.

Develop and ​Retain a Passionate and Productive Workforce

Ensure your talent has the knowledge and skills to consistently provide outstanding customer experiences through engaging virtual classrooms, interactive webinars, mentorship programs and collaborative learning. Create a true pay for performance culture to identify and reward your high performers, ensuring you retain your best and brightest future leaders.

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Advance Auto Parts Accelerates their Talent Strategy with PeopleFluent